You deserve more than just a broker who mechanically walks you through the steps to hopefully reach a closing. A successful business ownership transition is a living, breathing thing and requires a customized approach that takes all the unique variables posed by all parties into account.


Successful Outcomes Are Our Specialty

With all of the moving parts involved in a typical business transition, good, satisfying deals don’t just happen by chance. They need to be created. At Acuity, we take all our clients through three value-adding stages that are designed to deliver organization, focus and effectiveness on the way to your desired result.

Honest Analysis

Many business owners start the process of selling their business with unrealistic expectations about its value and market activity. Likewise, many business owners looking for an acquisition start the process with unrealistic expectations regarding what they should pay for a quality target company. However, there’s no denying reality, and after years of doing this, we know it’s better for everyone to be on the same page from the start in terms of what to expect.

Active Marketing

Once a listing is obtained, most are simply uploaded to one of several marketing websites and the broker then waits for a call or email from an interested prospect. Since many of these business listings are overvalued (alluding to our previous point about setting realistic expectations), they often generate a high percentage of views that take one look and walk away.

At Acuity, we don’t like to wait, and we believe a little proactivity can go a long way. We will post your business listing in all of the most popular places, but we won’t stop there. We will also develop an ideal buyer profile for your specific business and then actively pursue likely buyer candidates, wherever they might be. Why would we rely on a website built exclusively for those actively seeking an acquisition? Conventional thinking typically only gets conventional results, which isn’t good enough for us.

Proactive Representation

Identifying and locating active leads is only the beginning of a successful deal. Once leads are engaged, significant amounts of information must be shared, vetted and evaluated by both parties. The act of buying or selling a business is typically a personal and emotional endeavor for at least one, if not both parties—we make sure these emotions are managed so we can stay the course and ensure that you get all the answers and information you need to negotiate a truly successful deal.


Acuity’s expertise and services are geared toward four basic small- and medium-sized client groups.

Exiting Business Owners

Discover the process we employ to help you prepare your business for sale, target and engage with the right buyers, and achieve the outcome you’re looking for.

Acquiring Owners

There’s a lot that goes into targeting, negotiating and purchasing the right business. We have a proven track record of helping our clients find the growth opportunities they’re looking for.


Family Business Transitions

For obvious reasons, these transitions often have their own unique set of challenges. It often takes a deft hand to help navigate a business transition from one generation to the next.

Focused Consulting Engagements

Clients often call us to advise them on a particular situation. We’re happy to help in any situation, even when our full range of services and expertise isn’t required.




Small & Medium Businesses Deserve Better

At Acuity, we believe that all businesses deserve high-quality service regardless of their gross annual revenue or earnings figures. With that in mind, we are dedicated to delivering top-quality professional M&A services to the hard-working small and lower middle-market business owners who are traditionally underserved in this field.

If you’re interested in buying or selling a business, we’d be happy to show you how we can help make your deal, and your life easier.

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